Go Content, Go Visual and add Value, or go home


Digital Marketing is growing faster than ever before, with companies like Amazon spending $2.8 billion of its marketing budget on social media advertising during 2015 alone. Its definitely very big business and it seems it will only get bigger, with the US estimated to be spending $60 billion on digital marketing this year.

It seems there is a real growing need for value visual marketing. Providing quality content with value at a quick fast pace, is going to become necessary at all brand levels, not just the big boys. Woe betide any brands that look to bore or give the hard sell, that is way past its sell by date, and will be scrolled over quicker than you can say your own company name.


The people want, what the people want and it seems they want it quick and they want it with plenty of added value. The brands that can create it quickly and get it out to a wide audience, are going to be the ones that succeed. Those who are the most creative of marketers will be the ones to be pushing this forward, filling your social media feeds with valuable, entertaining content and giving a real winning edge to their brands.

It’s all about getting the biggest amount of buzz per buck and companies that don’t invest in photography, graphic design and brand storytelling will be the ones who lose out.


Crunch Digital Marketing Thailand, provides holistic online marketing, social media and branding solutions, in accordance with the brand vision and values that matter to your company. Helping you and your business generate leads that turn into sales, creating loyal customers for your business.




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