Addressing Complaints, one way to Build Brand Trust.

We all get them

At some point all businesses get complaints. It’s a fact of life, people like to complain. Some people love it so much that they make it their life mission to complain about everything and anything. Getting a complaint isn’t the problem, it’s how you deal with that complaint which could potentially set you out from the rest.


Dealing with complaints is a form of marketing, it’s true. No matter how your clients decided to tell you about it, a derogatory comment on your Facebook, trip adviser or anywhere else people decide to spout off these days, even a direct complaint, all can be used to your advantage.

Own it!


If you are getting a bad reviews on Trip Adviser or elsewhere, if you are the manager or owner, do yourself a favor and take ownership of the problem. Don’t ignore it and do it quickly! Just chalking it down to a disgruntled, bad tempered customer, even if it is, will not look good for your company.

Initially, tell them who you are (do this on the same media that they opened up the complaint with) and let them know you are going to be dealing with this personally.


By now you have investigated the issue with your Staff, dealt with any extra training that may have been needed. So it’s time to make the apology. You need to apologise even if you feel that your company was not at fault. Sounds harsh, but you can still say you don’t think your company is responsible, but you must apologise for how they felt after the experience with your company has left them dissatisfied.

Explaining that you have spoken to the staff concerned and that you have conducted extra training in that area (if that is what you have done) so that this won’t happen again, will go a long way.

By showing this on the same media, you are saying to this customer and potential customers, that you actually care. You care about your business, your customers and your staff.


Building Brand Trust

All this will go to build brand trust, just as you can’t trust a person whom you can’t depend on, consumers don’t trust brands that they can’t depend on. And you certainly can’t expect consumers to buy your brand, stay loyal to your brand, and tell other people positive things about your brand if they don’t trust it. Bottom-line, building brand trust is a fundamental part of developing your brand, and it needs to be prioritised as such.


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