Is Search Marketing for Startups?

First, what is Search Marketing?

Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts.


Does that help? Not really, sorry about that. So lets try and just give you some good ole fashioned hints and tips.

Getting started to push your brand to the top of the google rankings, is a process, one that all startups have to go through (if you wanna be on the internet anyway). So, before you get all confused with regards the myriad of TLAs (Three Letter Abbreviations) that surround search marketing, it’s best to take some steps so you can line your little feathered friends up neatly.

Step 1. Know your Audience (again)

Targeted keywords should be based on the demographic and an analysis of current and recent search trends.Who do you want as your customers? Who are the people that are going to use your product and what will they search for? If you have read my stuff previously, knowing your audience is fundamental in marketing, in fact I would say its the cornerstone. You cannot do anything without knowing who you want to sell your service or product to and search marketing is no different. Once you get going, listing keywords can easily be determined and you should be able to work out the keywords that have the most return with the least competition. Remember, the content on your website, is your owned marketing, so whatever keywords you have, must be reflected within your prime real estate, your website.


Step 2. Getting it working for mobile

When you are making your website and adding your keywords, make sure this stuff really does work on mobile tech. If it doesn’t you are going to be missing out on customers, never mind getting on page 1 for the search. A lot of website builders now will sort that out at the same time for you, so that should be easy. If you have used a developer and they haven’t done, don’t fret, it can still be sorted out.

Step 3.  Keep it simple

Dont go over doing it with them TLAs or industry jargon, even if its B2B, they still might not know what you are going on about. I don’t mean dumb down, just keep it simple, you can go into the impressive tech stuff when you are in your first meeting. Remember to keep your site as user friendly as possible, you want your customers to feel they can come back and deal on your site with ease. Don’t use anchors for the sake of anchors, or get them to click 3 or 4 times to get what they want, make it quick easy and simple.


Step 4. Use the force

OK, no, but have a marketing strategy and work towards it. It is all powerful and it will stop you turning to the dark side, which is trying to do everything all at once! The scatter gun approach doesn’t work, but having a solid base that you can work everything else around does. Keep your base strategy solid, but do review how you deliver it constantly, by this I mean keep on message and let it remain flexible to the point where you can experiment with ads and keywords. Some things will work better than others and having flexibility will help you find out what is the best for your product or service.

Step 5. Who’s on Facebook

Figure out what you can do and what you cannot, on all the different platforms. Ask people in your network what has worked for them and what didn’t. If your audience isn’t on Facebook, don’t use it, use twitter if they are on there. If its B2B then you might want LinkedIn, so you need to work on word ads only and you will need to have a good content marketing game for that. You want shares, likes and +1’s on your social media content, so add value to what you share, it will go along way.

Step 7. Blog it

Yep, blog some decent value content, not sales, value. It really makes a big difference and not only helps in your search marketing, but also helps build trust in your company. Put your blog link on your site and your site link on your blog. Then social media the crap out of that blog, not once, not twice but across a month share it upto 7 times. Break it down into bite sized bits and tweet it, facebook status it and then when you think you have done, add a picture and snapchat, instagram, Pin it. If you are a lean startup, then you might want to be doing everything for nothing. Which can mean relying on Content Marketing and those keywords you have on your site. If you can make a quick video, on a phone or GoPro and have that on your site, on a blog or even some one else blog, all will go along way for searches. Even with a small budget you can do a lot. Facebook ads actually don’t cost so much and neither does a google ad (word only). But remember its about Value!


That should get you started, we could go on and on and no doubt I have missed a bunch of stuff, add in the comments whatever extra bits you feel work for you, sharing is caring afteral and if it benefits a new startup, all the better.


At Crunch Digital Marketing Thailand, we EAT, SLEEP, and BREATHE Marketing to turn your website into the ultimate industry resource on the Web.






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